Wednesday, June 8, 2011

First Day in Business!

So first day blogging! Never blogged before, not sure how it's suppose to go. So I'm just going to give it my best shot! I welcome any followers to give me tips to get the - shall we say - "biggest bang for my buck"!

I guess the best way to start off is to describe myself and why I'll be blogging. I'd like to say I'm the "average" 24 year old, but I doubt it... common but most likely not average. I just turned 24 at the end of May and I have a 2 year old son and a husband.

 I'm also enrolled in college (graduating in the next month or so) with kids right out of high school. Well, not all of them - but a lot of them. Some students I have in my classes are like me. They ("the man") calls us "Non-Traditional Students". All that means is we started a life before we went to college. It can get pretty interesting all around. I'm blogging as one of the requirements for my Mass Media course, but I think I might start enjoying it!

Today one of the classes I had was American Government. So guess what we talk about... Politics. So guess what happens.... you guessed it - a bunch of crazy right-out-of-high-school students who you would think were the founders of the government! Or who just KNOW they know WAAAY more than everyone else about how the government should work. Now, I'm not saying you should be a political zombie - however... research is required when it comes to finding out where you stand and what should be done to fix what you don't like. Also, I would like you to research if your "conflict resolution" been used in the past and if it succeeded back then please... thanks so much. The topic of politics has reared it's ugly head in 'ol Georgia and there was quite a disturbance which I'm sure radiated through the school. Ok, so I like a passionate debate just as much as the next guy, but passionate - not psycotic... Take a breath gentlemen... I just don't agree with what you think, that doesn't mean I'm comming for you in your sleep just because we don't see eye to eye on the Patriot's Act. You don't have to use intimidation tactics to get me to think the way you do... remember - I have a husband and a two year old. That's going to be quite a task to try and get me to "join the dark side".

So parallel to the miniscule political riots in Government, there is a guy in there that sits behind me. I REALLY want one of my girlfriends (who also goes to school with me) to date. I'm somewhat of a self-proclaimed match maker... sometimes I'm good at it, sometimes - not so much. My husband hates that I try and set people up. I can't help it. I can see two strangers and think "I wish they would date...". I do it with all my friends too, and they know it. Because I'm sure I've tried to set them up with the other person I was thinking of for them. Sometimes it's just down right hillarious! I live in a smaller town than normal so when I mentioned to one of my friends the person who I saw her with turned out to be her cousin of somesort. Ooops... yea, like I said, sometimes I'm not the greatest. My husband, "Hollywood", gets nervous when I do stuff like that, especially when it's with someone I don't know or hardly know - like the guy in my class. He's been through some rough times where people have been VERY dirty about things. He's also seen a lot of shady people do some really shady things to other people. He is really protective of himself and his family. I can't blame him for always expecting the worst out of situations, because he's often had the short end of the stick. We're working on his optimism. Anyway, I haven't said anything to the guy behind me about my friend - although I think they are PERFECT for eachother, since my husband is a little nervous about it. I'm going to eventually because I think they should meet and date! Whatever - it's my nature. We'll see how that conversation goes. Heck, it might end early with a "Sorry, I'm married". Hope not! But you never know now 'a days!

Well, I'll check in soon!

hope you enjoyed Blog #1

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  1. Politics and Love! Great combination - let me know how it turns out.

    Patriot act - when used with vengeance or anger - is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! When used to protect me and mine, it is GOOD, GOOD, GOOD.

    And, of course, I'm innocent!