Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Inner GOOD vs Evil

I would like to think that people have mostly good in them, but I know that’s not the case…
I’ve been distracted a little bit with some personal matters at home, but I am keeping my head high, not only playing by the rules – but being considerate about a lot of things that most people would NEVER consider.
MOVING ON….           
This week has been somewhat of a tough week. I had tests for two different classes and really getting my feet wet with a speech class. I was hoping I would do better on a Government test than I did, but I think it had something to do with all my distractions. I still pulled a B out from the test, but wished for better. I’m sure the next one will be better. I still am waiting for the test grade for my World Civilization class {crossing my fingers for good luck!}.
Speech Class is going well. It’s only a beginner’s course for public speaking, but it is nice to start from the basics. I feel like if there is room to improve it’s good to go to the basics to break down what you can do and what you ARE doing. I’ve picked up a lot of good advice from the course. We have reviewed some famous speeches and broke them down to see how we can improve speaking in an audience. We have also started impromptu speeches. I thought it would be harder than what it is. I’m awful right now with “fillers”. I catch myself saying “UM” more than I would like. Not for long – I plan to REALLY work on that. That is a BIG BIGGIE, I think, that I have NO choice but to fix. Otherwise, I think I’m pretty good. Not to toot my own horn, but… TOOT TOOT!
 I have recently been debating if I should stay with the Communications career or Criminal Justice. I am dual majored with both. After speaking with my speech instructor I think I have absolutely decided to stick with the Communications. I want to be a part of something that I enjoy; I do not see myself as a policeman or a corrections officer… I don’t think I’m “hard-nose” enough for a job like that. I want to be a part of something, not feel like I need a power trip controlling people.

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